About us

I learned to appreciate Swedish style while living there 20 years ago, it's the simple elegance that combines beauty with quality and function that is so appealing.  While there I met one of my life-long friends, Ingrid.  We both have a natural love for pieces with history and have had such fun exploring, learning, and collecting Swedish antiques and vintage treasures together!  Today we love sharing the pieces we collect through the store.

Swedish style represents comfort, appreciation for life, and the ease of Swedish culture.  A common Swedish getaway is to a small cottage called a stuga, relaxing together with friends and family is an important part of the culture. Swedes use the term, "lagom," which means, "not too little, not too much, just right".  That's the inspiration for Simply Stuga.  We bring you a blend of Swedish decor that combines the old with new, a combination of Swedish antiques and vintage pieces with new locally scourced handcrafted treasures. Things you won't find elsewhere, we offer a wide variety of price points....truly something for everyone!  

Thank you for checking us out!